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Clan Leadership Welcome to Zenith Information

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:: Zenith :: Home Of The Best Pure Clan

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.:: General Information/Summary ::.

Zenith is a F2P/P2P Prestigious Pure Clan and that does events in both servers daily. We started out as a group of friends who liked to PK in PvP worlds around the Grand Exchange. Overtime, we grew as a clan, and our numbers started to grow. This is when we decided to become an Official Clan with a site, and voice communication system. As time progressed, we started to outgrow our low-level rivals, and quickly grew to become a mid level clan competing with the top 5, and surpassing the lower mid clans of the time. Both our F2P and P2P warring abilities increased even more after the release of the Wilderness update, where our numbers, levels, and organization have grown at amazing speed to the standards they are at today.


:: Teamspeak Activity: 40-45 Users Active Daily

:: Discord Activity: 300+ Users in Discord Channel

:: Forum Activity: Average of 70-90 Users Daily w/ 300-400 Posts Daily





- All Options Require At least everyone to be 1- 25 Defense. Anything Higher then 25 Will NOT be Accepted.

- 44 Prayer and 60+ Attack Are also Strongly Recommended, but Not Required.


Zenith Teamspeak 3 Hostname:

:: Www.ZenithRs.Ts3Chat.Com





.:: About Us ::.





.:: Events ::.

Zenith has 2 official events a week, all primarily in the Wilderness. One of these is F2P, one is P2P and the other varies on what other clans are doing. We also have many unofficial events each week hosting mini wars with other clans, Pk trips, KBD, Inner clan wars, 2v2s, pure Raids, Castle Wars and Fire Pits; there's always something going on.


.:: Community ::.

Zenith's has a very mature community. We are relaxed, and we just like to have a lot of fun. We are heavily Eastern/Pacific based, but have a decent amount of GMT Members. Our Teamspeak 3 Plays a huge role in our Community because it allows members to build good friendships between each others. They are able to trust each other, and help each other out. Half the time when Members are online, they are not on Runescape but playing other online games such as Fifa, Call Of Duty, League or even just messing around on Tinychat. Most clans say that there community is the best, but if you have never been in our Teamspeak 3, you should definitely come hang out with us because our is one of its kind.

.:: Official's ::.

Co0kiezs (USA)- Leader - Co0kiezs basically is the Founder/Leader of Zenith. He has worked his way up as a Council rank in Zenith to Leader. Ever since he has gotten the role as a Leader, Zenith has improved greatly in both servers. Primarily deals with Technical Issues + Leads F2P Events.

Logan (USA) - Leader  - Logan has been a part of Zenith leadership for the past three years. Working his way up from Member all the way to Leader. He is very tactical in both the wilderness and clan wars. Primarily Deals with organizing events/leading them.




Written By Co0kiezs

Proud Leader of Zenith

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