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  1. keep watching zenith successful

    1. Grayson


      lmao I saw that

  2. cuz were ballllllllllllllin

  3. LY's "get to single" counter was higher than armin's "alright" counter

  4. Give @Halphis rank back bitch ass niggaz

  5. It's come to my attention that I missed Halp's voting poll.



    I appreciate the love and support from all sides!

  6. From an unbiased POV it looks like the rivalry is over.


    Grats on winning the rivalry.

  7. bring back cranked



    long live npo

  8. Stop inflicting violence on Legacy, Legacy's life matters too..

  9. where did grayson go

  10. [LY]Sam - "Fuckin dick me down bud."

  11. who wanna join harris hut on discord

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