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  1. My birth name is Jorge, but my irl m8s and most people call me Jay (J), I'm currently 18 years old (born and raised in Miami, Florida), and I'm in my last year of High School and I'm enjoying it and looking forward to all my senior shit going on soon. I'm a Heat fan all the way, and occasionally I'm a Dolphin fan, I play both sports when I got the time for it & when I'm not on the computer.

  2. don't delay, create a baller today!


  4. jamz i hope your mental health recovers, your friend ballerdad.

  5. Seems like you've been writing whole forums over with the same content consisting of a homophobic slur.

  6. u just a fag bro, never gonna get anywhere in life, just face the facts bud

  7. u just a fag bro, never gonna get anywhere in life, face the facts bud

  8. doom kj big doxer boy, dude prob spends 17 hours a day on hackforums

  9. keep watching zenith successful

    1. Grayson


      lmao I saw that

  10. cuz were ballllllllllllllin

  11. LY's "get to single" counter was higher than armin's "alright" counter

  12. Give @Halphis rank back bitch ass niggaz

  13. It's come to my attention that I missed Halp's voting poll.



    I appreciate the love and support from all sides!

  14. From an unbiased POV it looks like the rivalry is over.


    Grats on winning the rivalry.

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