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  1. I can’t believe Jagex removed the rev caves! Jagex ruining the game once again...

  2. Go read and vote on the 3v3 tournament topic please! 


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  3. If anyone needs a ref for an infernal cape dm me on discord 

  4. 150+ pures today 

    2 pm est / 7 pm gmt

  6. Welcome to the #1 pure clan Exo brothers!

  7. All members apply for proud once you meet all the requirements so you can move up in the clan!

  8. #1 wilderness clan for the past 5 months someone try to take the fucking belt LMFAO

  9. Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans! Big trip today! Make sure you’re online if you aren’t busy!

  10. I hope everyone had fun at the Maze war! 100m in prizes given out!! Stayed tuned for more fun events in the future! Congrats to Rambo, Mercy, Pain, and gifd!

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  11. I'll be hosting an event at 10 pm est tonight! be there!!

  12. If we get 150+ on ts both Saturday and Sunday I’ll personally do a 150m drop party each day for a total of 300m!! 

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  13. Zenith stocks are rising drastically 

  14. Not even rage + mains could save them from big bad zenith tonight. Good job to all those who attended!

  15. 150 big blue dick zenith warriors on Saturday and Sunday for a FAT drop party hosted by yours truly! Hope to see you all there!!

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