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  1. Be on today HUGE WAR🏔🔥

  2. Zenith BrAH - Keep leveling 🏔

    94+ Mage 💥

    5Mil per Recruit🔥

  3. Keep up the grind! 

    Recruit a friend = 5Mil

    gj lads 

  4. Train for 80+ cmb

    and keep up the recruiting!

  5. GJ today boys👍 keep up the recruiting🏔

  6. Idle on ts3 | keep up the grind 

  7. Stay active on Teamspeak

    Keep up the training!

    "rs Zenith"  Cc

  8. Keep up the recruiting 

    Zenith 2020

  9. Zenith Son!! 

    GJ great P2P Friday 

  10. Come idle on Teamspeak 

    Events this week 

    Zenith baby!

  11. Huge events this week

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