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  1. Missing my fellow king :classic_sad:

  2. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We heard some noobs were out in our wilderness with some stanky loot so we quickly massed and went to take their items. We managed killing everyone in sight and made bank loot. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Its been almost 3 Months since every single clan cosplayed on a private server. Our victims at BP HQ thought they were very slick the last week or so trying to set up hider 5 vs 5 PKRI's Vs trash ass clans. Well today, for the first time in over 100 days, they post a prep to be on for a PKRI vs Terror + OFA. Thats where they made the biggest mistake of their planning career. After massing for nearly an hour, they only mustered up 23 people (after begging several other Rage/Rev/BC members to come help them pull vs OFA). The second they entered the wilderness, we logged in on top of them, speccing them out, listening to them cry over and over in their very high estrogen infested dutch voices. While 35+ Zenith where laughing at them squealing in Discord voice, OFA+Terror decided to try and come save them. Unfortunately, we just turned around and slapped them and sent them into hiding. For the next 30~ minutes or so, BP was getting evaporated while begging their allies to come help them. Unfortunately NONE OF THEM showed up. After suiciding and pushing them around CA to Corp back to CA and finally back to their resting spot east graves, we echoed and laughed at how fragile and weak these cosplayers are. We sat on top of them at east graves, while our mighty dutch viking GO H0 slammed and spammed the fuck out of these weak ass kids. They finally tossed the towel and left east graves, giving Zenith the victory once again. They decided to try to fight again - this time geared with more mains and meds after begging their allies to come assist them. They decided to have another hider fight at Rune Rocks, where we sat on top of them the whole time and fully wiped all 3 clans over and over again. After smiting them over and over again with several +1s, we decided to bank our loots and let the 10 dutch kids in BP discord cry about how they are leak infested (keep crying for us "Tea"). Today should be a good indicator about what we are going to do to you and every single clan open. Good fucking luck pussies @Eric POV
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