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  1. if you read this you gay

    1. Deadz


      already am :) thanks for the reassurance @tsm

  2. Np dead

  3. if you read this, you gay

  4. Doomoralized

  5. image.png.e21c1b1509a4bc2678fa9f1663a7c4fc.png

    1. Scims


      ye thats me after a 90 dh to my head

  6. Missing @ZAMMY rn

  7. What codi said!!

  8. Rewards Election was rigged! I demand a recount! #MAGA

  9. Gz Lavas and Alex

  10. Fatal Fields > Greasy Grove

  11. ye zetro fucked his chicken under the christmas tree

  12. zetro likes ladyboys

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