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  1. happy halloween 

  2. Quitters never win, winners never quit. CD on my chest, Zenith on my back. 

  3. cd on chest z on my back 

  4. most hated most active 

  5. anyone do training/questing services?

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    2. Codi


      I do questing, pm me on discord or ts3

    3. Jay


      @Adam Son for skilling, @6OC for questing

    4. 6OC


      PM me 60C#5972

  6. mace up boyzzz its time to kill legashit 

  7. hows the blue look? 😉 @Romnick 

    1. Romnick


      Yeee! Big winner

  8. huge f2p trip prove you are a core member and be there 2pm est/6pm gmt 

  9. someone post a guide on how to get 20 def properly (quests etc)

  10. we only getting stronger  :p0g:

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