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  1. Max out rs mobile on you're tablet or ipad with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard... 

  2. Legashit got the worst beating of there history this week. 
    From bringing 60 mains, to doxing there own members, to breaking after only a few hours.
    We will always be the bigger, better, and more respectable clan out there.
    They will never be able to compete. same time next weekend. Actions speak louder then words.

  3. Be on for more instant transmission Gwassing @ Al-Kharid!

    200 IQ movement from our highest point!

    If you were here last weekend you know what im talking about!

  4. Stock up on return sets ..

  5. A storm is coming! #Zenith.

  6. Legacy got Zhitted on, Idle on ts for more lines Zzzz.


  7. Secure you're Email/RS accounts boys #Authenticator


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