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  1. @Hansis @Buky let’s goooo

  2. @tristin where art thou

  3. Ly seemed completely clueless this weekend. If this is our so called competition, it’s laughable. They’re shambles run by incompetents.

  4. See you guys at trip time 

  5. I'll soon be back to be reinstated in my rightful spot. 100+ pulls and a core of unbreakable members.

    1. Arsenal


      waiting for daddy TBRs return

    2. TBR


      Or do you mean the return of CD?

  6. Tempted to buy a pure and get back to it 🤪

  7. what’s occurring 

  8. If you’re gonna miss this weekends trips go post your leaving topics now and I’ll personally write a new one up for you to join Fi. Don’t miss this shit, don’t be garbage. 

  9. Mother Abdullah will rise one last time 

  10. wheres the 50 new applications per week?!

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